Monday, August 4, 2008

Yes, I Am Ready For Some Football

so last night while i was trying to enjoy the first pre-season action of the season i had to endure John Madden and Al Michael's gettin' all giddy about Favre's plane landing in Greenbay and the announcement that the Packers will be having an open competition for the starting job (aka see you Aaron Rogers). actually the coverage wasn't really that bad. i was mostly surprised at how reserved Madden was about the whole thing and started to wonder if even he was over the Brett Favre drama. regarless of that i am feeling pretty good about taking ol' Brett in the 14th round of my fantasy draft cuz there ain't no way he's losing that job to Aaron Fucking Rogers. sorry dude, you might as well asked to be traded.

some random notes about the game last night.

- even though it was a meaningless preseason game, the Redskins looked pretty good. Jason Campbell was efficient and hopefully a return to the West Coast offense that he ran his senior year at Auburn will finally help him reach his potential.
- Mike Hart looked a lot better than i thought he would be. granted it's the preseason, but he might actually make the Colts roster which i didn't think would actually happen when they picked him in the 6th round.
- Colt Brennan looked like a pretty good QB. granted the Redskins' back up line is a lot better than Hawaii's and he was playing against the Colts 3rd string, but it was nice to see him actually throwing some touchdowns and reminding people he was a pretty good college QB and not just some guy who got manhandled by the Bulldog front 7 in a bowl game.

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