Friday, August 22, 2008

Don't Believe The Hype

so all i've heard since going into these Summer Olympics was about how the Redeem Team was gonna be challenged and that Gold wasn't going to be easy etc....some "experts" even picked against Team USA. first we heard Greece would be tough (92-69 yeah, not really), then Spain was gonna be trouble (119-82 not so much), and now we have Argentina...the BIGGEST hurdle of all. yeah, well it's 21-4 in the 1st quarter with 1:55 to play. i'll go ahead and assume it was a hurdle designed for midgets and move on. the best games Team USA have gotten were from Angola and Australia.

yeah USA Basketball is back on top like it should be. the only real question is could the 2008 team beat the 1992 team? i'm leaning towards yes. if only because the 92 team was full of aging stars near the end of their careers or well into their primes while the 08 squad is full of young superstars in their primes. granted 92 had Jordan and they have a size advantage with Patrick Ewing, David Robinson and Karl Malone; but 08 has Lebron and Kobe and plays way better defense. i don't know...maybe i'm just being insane, that's just my opinion.


Huevos McGringo said...

it's an interesting question. would they play an NBA game or an international style game? in international type play, i think maybe '08 takes it.

though imagine the defense that jordan and pippen could play by international rules (wasn't really ncessary in '92). plus the dream team really wasn't all that old, other than bird and magic.

jrsuicide said...

i guess the team wasn't that aged. i have had a change of heart about my original choice after really thinking about it. i think 92 probably has a better squad overall. Bird and Magic were both done, but Pippen, Malone, Barkley, Stockton, Jordan, and Robinson were all fully in their primes and to be honest...if i really thought about it only Kobe and Lebron could probably have even played on that 92 squad taking Drexler and Magic's spots. maybe Wade could have beaten out Chris Mullin, other than that i can't imagine anyone else on 08 earning a spot.

if the teams played then Dwight Howard would have gotten owned and Chris Bosh would've been murdered by Malone and Barkley. plus unlike the 08 team, 92 could shoot the fucking 3. also 92 had the ultimate ace in the hole...Christian FUCKING Laettner.

actually a better question is who was more worthless to their squad Michael Redd or Christian Laettner?