Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Saw This One Coming

So DeRon Furr is saying peace out to the Tigers and has decided to transfer. i guess this is what happens when a bunch of upperclassmen jump a true freshman at practice to "send a message". fucking dumbasses. whatever, i kinda expected Furr to transfer once he got moved from QB to defensive back. it sucks, he was a good athlete and i was looking forward to him laying motherfuckers out at safety in the coming seasons. i'm sure he'll probably try and go somewhere that will let him stay at quarterback. i'd guess Georgia Tech might be a possible destination as he's a be a good fit for the option offense...or maybe he'll land at Michigan, i'm pretty sure Rich Rodriguez could use a guy with his skill set. whatever, he's gone. time to move on.

*i read some paranoid reports on the interweb (always an accurate place) that Furr's family might want to sue over the beat down. if there's any truth to this and if the coaches knew about it then i don't blame the kid for skipping town.

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