Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bretty and The Jets (yeah that's so lame)

he's going to the Jets. fucking finally! now will ESPN please move on?! Jesus fucking Christ. i'd rather hear Redsox/Yankees chatter than listen to another speculative report about Brett Fucking Favre. needless to say someone can finally put Chad Pennington and his rag arm out of misery.

on a brighter note, i can go ahead and start preparing for that Fantasy League Championship. hahaha! eat a bag of dicks, suckers.

also a random question to the universe. so i wonder if Madden 09 will have some new alternate cover with Brett Favre in a Jets jersey that'll come out later and also is Brett gonna be a downloadable player to update your roster? how does that work in these new space aged times? my OCD compels me to have accurate rosters!

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