Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thug Apologists Refuse To Trade Or Release Favre From Fantasy Team

The Thug Apologists would like Brett Favre to know that we don't give a shit what his mental state is right now or what sort of emotions he is going through. he will not be traded to another fantasy team in the Booze Hounds League nor will he be released from his fantasy team contract. 14th round or otherwise, the Thug Apologists expect Brett to compete with Tony Romo this season for the starting QB spot and believe that although Brett is being a total fag right now, he will eventually pull his head out of his ass and put up some points for us once the season actually starts. also the Ghost Of Eazy E, speaking on behalf of the Thug Apologists, would like to ask Green Bay to quit fucking around and get rid of Brett's country ass already so we can go ahead an pencil him in as a co-starter for week 1 or else some caps may be put in some asses.

thank you for your patience in this ordeal.

Thug Apologists Co-Owner

Justin S. Robinson

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