Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Georgia is drunk as hell, Bama is in prison

so it's been quite an off-season for both of Auburn's hated rivals. Alabama has transformed themselves into Thug-U 2.0 and the Bulldogs continue their annual summer tradition of being drunker than fuck, pissing on stuff, getting in fights with parking meters and generally being jackasses, and getting arrested for it (yeah that national title is totally gonna happen). did Richt hire Quincy Carter in the off season as some kind of motivational speaker? one might say that the Dawgs are a little overconfident going into this year and it's making them act like a bunch of douchebags....but you'd be wrong. they were always douchebags. enjoy that #1 ranking while it lasts.

Auburn has amazingly stayed out of trouble, so far. no DUIs (an Auburn specialty) or suspensions for breaking "team rules" aka smokin' weed. of course with my luck Kodi Burns, Ben Tate, and Lee Ziemba will all get busted in an international arms dealing ring or something equally sinister.

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