Tuesday, August 5, 2008

DeRon Furr is M.I.A.

so true freshman quarterback/safety Deron Furr decided to skip practice the last couple of days after getting in a fight last weekend with a teammate...or something equally as stupid. apparently he's not too happy about being converted into a safety after being recruited as a QB for Auburn's new spread offense (this is what happens when you sign 3 fucking QBs to your class at one time).

Furr is a great athlete and delivered a punishing hit on a reverse during the Auburn spring game...so i was pretty excited about him playing safety this year. he's big and fast and strong. seems like a good fit, especially with the Tigers thin at DB. obviously he's a kid and he's frustrated about having his position switched, i just hope he doesn't decide to transfer out of town and try to go play QB at a school like Troy or UAB. Auburn has a pretty good track record of taking highschool quarterbacks and turning them into stars at other positions.

if Furr was an NFL QB prospect i'd understand his frustrations a lot more, but he was recruited as an athlete...which means you play where the coach wants you to. oh well. like i said, he's a kid. and kids are bitches.

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kenniebloggins said...

my dad said the word on the street locally was that he was really signed because Auburn wanted his teammate Jarmon Fortson, who ended up signing with FSU. People didn't think that Furr would ever pan out as Auburn's qb. I guess Furr wasn't listening to the Columbus, Ga., gossip about his ass.