Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Have Solved The Auburn Quarterback Duel For You Coach Tubs

so the debate all spring and summer for my Auburn Tigers is which QB is gonna be the starter for the 2008 season. we've got a new spread offense and two worthy candidates. it's the athletic Kodi Burns who commands attention from defenses for his running and playmaking ability vs. the Tony Franklin Spread veteran of Chris Todd who is a better passer and has been playing in this offense since he was a kid. more than likely the answer to that question is BOTH. but both is annoying. i'm a one QB kinda guy and i've used my expertise in the game of EA Sports NCAA Football to help Auburn come to a conclusion. i played two entire seasons of NCAA Football 2009 with each QB as the starter. here are their final season stats and team records.

The Chris Todd lead Auburn Tigers went 13-1 (46-40 loss in overtime to West Virginia) won the SEC and beat Texas in the Sugar Bowl. Todd's stats were 3,428 yards passing for 37 touchdowns and 9 interceptions, he also got sacked 16 times and missed a few quarters of action in the LSU and Tennessee game with mild injuries. he rushed for 212 yards and another 3 scores, but wasn't much of a running threat and a lot of those rushing yards were with the team in a five receiver set and noone spying the QB. AWARDS: Todd was the 2nd team SEC QB. he also finished 5th in voting for the Best QB award and 8th for the Maxwell. all in all an excellent campaign. he did throw 3 interceptions in Auburn's only loss including the game killer in overtime, but overall a great year. but not anywhere close to as awesome as...

The Kodi Burns lead Auburn Tigers were 14-0 champions of the SEC and winners of the BCS title game against Ohio State (imagine that, Ohio State lost to another SEC team in a title game). The Tigers averaged 68.5 points per game and lead the nation in both scoring and rushing. Burns passed for 3,756 yards and 49 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions (all of them being in routes where i was just trying to pile on stats in the 4th quarter) while rushing for another 1,218 yards and 20 touchdowns..that's 69 total fucking scores...which doesn't even take into account that both Ben Tate and Brad Lester each rushed for 1000 yards and double digit touchdowns. he finished 1st team SEC, 1st team All American, won the Best QB award, the Maxwell award, and won the Heisman Trophy by a landslide. as good as Auburn was under Todd, they were unfuckingstoppable with Burns under center. Kodi gave one of the greatest single season performances in my video game playing career right up there with Tecmo Bo, Mike Vick from Madden 2004, and Vince Young from NCAA Football 2006. and so it's obvious to me based on my unrealistic video game stats who the Auburn starting quarterback should be.

come on Tommy, make it happen! it's Burns baby Burns all the way to the title game.

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