Friday, August 8, 2008

Trophy!? I Don't Want Your Stinking Trophy!

i read an interesting post on one of my favorite Auburn blogs,, about the possibility of USC being stripped of their 2004 National Title and the prospect of Auburn sliding in to take their place. and although i see some of the logic in this thinking i for one have a HUGE problem with such a move.

i for one don’t want anything to do with the 2004 national title regardless of the NCAA’s ruling on Reggie Bush being paid while he was a Trojan. cheating or otherwise, USC won that fucking title and stripping them doesn't rewrite reality. if the BCS wants to retroactively award Auburn the National Title trophy then the Tigers can accept it, but for us to start hanging up banners and claiming titles for championships we didn’t actually win is a short path down a road that Auburn fans love to make fun of their Bama cousins for. the entire ordeal would be a mockery of college football (something full of shit to mock already) and it would be something for rivals to point and laugh at us about forever.

i believe the term kissing your sister would apply to a hand me down trophy. and i don't care how hot your sister is. you gotta find love somewhere else. if Auburn ever wins a national title in my lifetime i want to see it happen in a championship game against another team. win it on the field or don't win it at all.

but in all honesty i’m just sick of listening to people talk about 2004. yes, we got screwed. but that's life. you get screwed. it’s time to move on and quit dwelling on that season. nothing can take away the memories of an incredible year like 04. we were undefeated. we won the SEC (something that’s actual and tangible...not like a Mythical National Championship) let’s just leave it at that and quit worrying about the past. 13-0 is forever, the rest of this is just bullshit anyways.

i'm sure my opinion of the situation is unpopular among Auburn fans...but then again i always liked being contrary anyways.

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WarDamnAdam said...

I for one completely agree with you,and i'm sure there are plenty of other Auburn faithful who do as well.