Sunday, August 17, 2008

AP Pre-Season Top 25

so Georgia lands on top of both polls. the winner of the USC and Ohio State game is gonna leap frog Georgia, so the Dawgs should enjoy that ranking while they can. i'll say this, living in Athens you can feel the people's excitement around here. football season might actually save the local economy this year. my Auburn Tigers find themselves in the top 10, but 4th among the SEC Teams (there are six SEC teams in all in the top 25). basically the top 15 teams are almost exactly the same as the coaches poll. Bama got some love from the sports writers, which i was a little surprised about. Kansas and Illinois are both gonna be after thoughts at the end of the year. Texas Tech is going to shown to be overrated like they always are at the beginning of the year. South Florida is a little low in this poll. Clemson is too high, i don't care if they are talented...they're still always the most disappointing team in college football.

1. Georgia (22)
2. Ohio St. (21)
3. Southern Cal (12)
4. Oklahoma (4)
5. Florida (6)
6. Missouri
7. LSU
8. West Virginia
9. Clemson
10. Auburn
11. Texas
12. Texas Tech
13. Wisconsin
14. Kansas
15. Arizona St.
16. BYU
17. Virginia Tech
18. Tennessee
19. South Florida
20. Illinois
21. Oregon
22. Penn St.
23. Wake Forest
24. Alabama
25. Pittsburgh

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