Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let's Get This Party Started

it's here! it's back! it's Thursday! it's college motherfucking football on your tv and it's not some spring practice scrimmage on CSS that you've watched 6 times already. it's not exactly a feast of great games or anything, because honestly who wants to give up their first Saturday to play on Thursday night so that ESPN can get a middle of the week ratings spike? well luckily Spurrier is cool with it and so our headliner for the evening will be South Carolina hosting North Carolina State in a battle of middle of the road teams from their own respective conferences. South Carolina should own the edge considering they have a pretty talented defense and it's at home, but NC State is one of those fucking teams that will pull a win out of their ass that makes you think they are gonna be good and then they go on a 5 game losing steak and miss out on a bowl game.

after you gorge yourself on beer and nachos while laughing heartily as Spurrier tosses his visor for 80 yards and yanks at least 2 QBs from the game before squeezing out a win in the 4th quarter with some help from his defense and kicking game, then it's time to switch over the ESPN2 watch Oregon State at Stanford in some PAC 10 play. i don't have much to say about that game other than the Beavers tend to have a pretty good under the radar team that wins about 8 or 9 games and will upset a top 25 team at some point in the year. i'm sure the Cardinal will be no real test for them.

if you've got ESPNU you can watch Vanderbilt travel to Miami, Ohio and probably lose. i swear Vandy is the only fucking team in the damn SEC who will travel to play shitty mid major schools. remember the year they almost went to a bowl game after beating Tennessee and almost beating Florida. they finished the season 5-7 and the loss that kept them out of a bowl was when they traveled to Middle Tennessee State and got upset by the Blue Raiders. i'm sure if that game had been in Nashville then Vandy probably would've won. for a school full of smart motherfuckers, they are some straight dipshits about scheduling.

if you are a fan of low budget production values and small conference football games being played in front of half empty stadiums that are about the same size as my highschool football team's was, then you can watch Middle Tennessee State host Troy on CSS. but honestly, nobody should be that desperate. that's like fucking an ugly girl just cuz you wanna get laid.

so that's pretty much your viewing options for the evening.

Jacksonville State at Georgia Tech is actually the most intriguing matchup of the night for two reasons:
1. it's the first chance we get to see Tech's old school triple option offense.
2. it's Ryan Perrilloux's first game for Jack State after being given the boot by LSU.
with any luck our hero Perrilloux will lead a 4th quarter come back and huge upset win for the Gamecocks and then conquer the city of Atlanta and it's finest strip clubs with a posse of his teammates.

unfortunately the game isn't on TV and you can only watch it online. wtf?!

anyways, it's not the most exciting assortment of games, but at this point I'll take whatever i can get.

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