Sunday, October 25, 2009

Season Of Death 2: Deathier

...bother showing up on saturdays if you are gonna just lay down and die. What the fuck happened to this team?

Zombie Todd's arm fell off. Little LightningBolt McCalebb can't do shit. Adams can't catch. Noone on the defense knows how to tackle. Noone on the line knows how to block....

And the motherfucking penalties make me so fucking crazy that I want to blow my fucking tv up.

Keep playing like this Auburn and who gives a shit if you go 6-6 and make a crappy bowl game? You'll just get beat by some lousy Conference USA team.

Again, fuck you Tommy Tuberville. Fuck you in your big fucking ears with an elephant dick.


easyedwin said...

6-6 will get us the Pizza Bowl in Birmingham, AL vs a Big East Team.

Anonymous said...

we can refuse the bowl though right? I do not want to lose to connecticut in a bowl game.