Monday, October 19, 2009

Best and Worst NFL Throwback Uniforms

so you probably already know by now that it's the 50th anniversary of the old AFL and all the original teams are wearing throwback replicas of their original counterparts. some are awesome (Chargers, Bills, Raiders, Oilers) and others make me wish i were blind (Broncos). anyway it got me thinking about my favorite and least favorite throwback uniforms in all of the NFL and so i made a useless list of each.

The BEST (aka Do)

1. San Diego Chargers

nobody can touch the powder blue. why these aren't the Chargers everygame uniforms i will never understand. if you watch a Chargers game EVERYONE in the stands is wearing these. hell these aren't just the best throwbacks...they are the best NFL uniforms ever...period.

2. Buffalo Bills

as much as i love the Chargers, i'll admit that Buffalo is pretty damn close to being just as good. there's just something about THAT color blue and those white helmets and that red bison. it just looks fucking crisp and stylish and super retro. i don't know, they're just fucking rad. this is another team that should just switch back to their classic design cuz what they wear now sucks.

3. Detriot Lions

yes, they suck at all things playing football related, but damn those throwbacks are pretty sweet. i love the solid uniforms without many stripes and the no logo look. i've always thought Detriot had some of the best colors in the NFL and so just seeing the Silver and Blue stand alone without anything else just makes it pop for me. every thanksgiving when they rock these i always say, "well at least Detriot has better uniforms."

4. Tennessee Titans (Houston Oilers)

if you can't tell by now, i loves me some blue uniforms...especially powder/baby blue. those old Oilers unis are the powder-bluest. the Oilers are a team who i ALWAYS loved their look and when they unvailed the Titans design i just hung my head and wanted to cry. whatever, having sweet throwbacks won't make anyone forget how fucking bad they are this season.

5. New England Patriots

okay, i'll admit that the old school Pats unis are kinda wussy lookin' and mostly they just remind me of being a little kid and watching the Bears destroy them in the Super Bowl...but i HATE their current uniforms and would much rather see them go back to rockin' Patriot Pat instead.

bonus pick:

6. Atlanta Falcons

file this under: shameless homerism. but i FUCKING LOVE those Falcons original throwbacks. the black jersey with the red helmet and the gold and black stripe that gives a nod to Georgia Tech and UGA. when they busted these out for the first time this year i got really stoked and even thought about buying a jersey...and then i remembered that people who wear NFL jerseys are usually douchebags and so i didn't.

The WORST (aka Don't)

1. Philadelphia Eagles

Where Powder/Baby Blue goes horribly wrong...when it is combined with BRIGHT FUCKING YELLOW. worst uniforms in any sport...EVER. to be fair: these technically ARE NOT Eagles uniforms and are instead the Frankford Yellow Jackets. but the Eagles still thought it was a good idea to take the field in these and try to sell them to the public.

2. Denver Broncos

boring brown and yellow make them look like giant rotten bananas. and what the fuck is up with those fucking socks?! another reason why Cutler wanted out of town.

3. New York Jets (New York Titans)

like the previous two teams you can understand why they had a complete color scheme overhall. i don't even know what you call this other than boring.

4. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THE GAY PIRATE EVER AGAIN! worst NFL uniforms of my lifetime.

5. Pittsburg Steelers

it's funny how much just changing the color of the helmets and pants totally ruins what is one of the NFL's best uniforms ever. i don't know, yellow just sucks when it's on your head, dude. hate it, hate it, hate it.

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Philip Arnold said...

I miss my Oilers, when they left pro football was dead to me...