Friday, October 23, 2009

Suicide Watch (2009): Week 8, Do or Die

the feeling is mutual, buddy.

first 5 weeks:

last 2 weeks:

what better way to make everyone feel a whole lot better than by rolling into the Bayou beating LSU's fucking brains out?! other than upsetting Bama and ruining their chance at a national title, i couldn't think of a better highlight for the season than if an underdog Auburn team could take those OTHER Tigers and mash their faces in the dirt and end Auburn's current losing streak and get the positive vibes going again. another loss just further throws dirt on this season being anything more than a rebuilding year. a win vs. LSU would be something for the 09 Tigers to hang their hats on, no matter what this team's final record ends up being.

chance of tragedy: 10, it's LSU...on the road. we never win those games, i don't care how inept their offense is.

method of suicide: win this game of else...

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Sean said...

Okay now we're really going backwards. To quote Slim Pickens "what in the wide world of sports is going on here?" Todd's robot arm is dead, more penalties, and for God's sake can we please cover a damn hitch route. Don't guess we'll have to worry about giving Malzahn a raise to keep him. Cancel the bake sale Jay!