Friday, October 9, 2009

Suicide Watch (2009) Week 6, Surviving The Razorback

every year i dread the game against Arkansas more and more. it doesn't seem to matter what the Hawgs record is, they are always a thorn in the side of Auburn.

there's been a history of genetic freaks playing for the Hawgs in the past, with Matt Jones and Darren McFadden in recent memory...not to mention this fucking guy.

and now their newest freak and the main threat from the 09 version of the Hawgs is their giant (6 foot 7 Frankenstein looking) QB Ryan Mallett and his laser cannon arm.

watching Jonathan Crompton complete passes with ease in the 4th quarter of the Tennessee game last week didn't exactly inspire confidence in me that our secondary won't get shredded into tiny little bits by an actual quarterback with a pulse. the Razorbacks don't have any real play makers in the receiving corp but it doesn't really matter when you've got the best NFL prospect in the SEC distributing it.

also don't forget about Michael Smith who ran all over Auburn last year in Arkasas humiliating defeat of Auburn on the Plains (i was sucked).

the one good thing about the Hawgs is that they have possibly the worst defense in the entire conference and Auburn should be able to drop about 50 points on them with ease...assuming they don't decide to actually step up for the first time this year and shut someone down.

my real biggest worry about the game is the early kickoff time. Auburn has, in the past, tended to play extremely flat during those early start times against lesser SEC competition. i mean losses to Arkansas and Mississippi State in recent years when Auburn was favored have driven me to madness and i've always thought the early start had something to do with it.

in reality Auburn is playing better football this season than Arkansas and should be able to outscore them in a shootout...but it's the SEC and it's Arkansas and honestly i have no clue about this game. i predicted Auburn would lose this one at the beginning of the season...but i also thought we wouldn't beat the Vols in the preseason as well. my gut tells me Auburn keeps the winning going and will be undefeated when they roll into LSU in a couple of weeks.....i hope.

chance for tragedy: 7, Arkansas is bascially the same threat level as Tennessee but you flip an awesome defense for a really good offense (man if you could just combine the Vols D with the Hawgs O you might just have a team).

method of death: eaten alive by a giant pig hungry for points.

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