Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reality Check

so with Chris Todd reverting back to the one armed guy who sucked from last year, a lot of Auburn fans on the web are calling for Neil Caudle to be named starter. i don't know if i need to mention this, but he barely beat out Tyrik Rollison for the backup spot...and that's only because the staff wanted to redshirt Rollison. i've seen Neil Caudle play in person in Spring games and in mop up duty...if there is one thing i've come to know about our boy Neil is that he loves to throw some motherfucking interceptions.

Auburn would be better off letting Kodi finish the year again than throwing Caudle out there to create turnovers. Kodi can throw interceptions, but he might just be able to beat a team with his legs like he almost did last year vs. UGA. or better yet, just fucking stick with Todd and hope he can get it back together. switching QBs didn't work last year...what the hell makes any of you think it's going to work this year?

and i don't wanna hear about all this loyalty horse shit and how Caudle was an Elite 11 QB recruit. the dude got hurt his senior year of highschool and hasn't played a meaningful snap since. he couldn't beat out Kodi Burns in the spring and Kodi can't hit water falling out of a fucking boat. he nearly got beat out by a true freshmen this year. if Barrett Trotter wasn't injured i have no doubt he'd be the backup. let's just face it, Caudle isn't any good...cuz if he was then he'd be the damn QB already.

stick with the fucking zombie Todd and let's hope the running game will be good enough to get us 2 more wins and then next season we start all over again.

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Reality sucks.