Friday, October 2, 2009

Suicide Watch (2009), Week 5 OPERATION: kick ass, take names, get ranked

motherfuckin' Lane Kiffin can eat a bag of dicks. i never gave a shit about Tennessee and now i actively hate them.

okay, Auburn has an offensive...we've all got massive football boners at this teams ability to score points in bunches. we've got a lethal ground attack and a QB who is putting up great numbers. we even have wideouts who know how to catch a football. Tennessee got beat by UCLA and didn't even bother trying to do anything, other than not get blown out by the Gators. this should be a no brainer, right? wrong.

they've got quiet possibly the worst QB in the league....but they have an awesome defense. plus they NEED this win. so far this season the Vols look pretty much like the same bunch of losers that they did last year, where Auburn has shown immediate improvement on the field. the Vols need a big win in conference against one of the fellow SEC big boys to let everyone know that they are a team to worry about.

so far Chris Todd has been mostly mistake free...i have a feeling that Eric Berry might have something to say about that.

and honestly for Tennessee to have any chance then Berry and the defensive are going to have to shut down Auburn's high powered offense and create turnovers and short fields for their offense to work with. the less time Auburn is on the field the better.

i honestly believe Auburn SHOULD win this game about 24 to 17. i see the Vols defense being able to hold the Spread Eagle 2 in check a bit, i just can't see their Crompton lead offense being able to crack the 20 point mark. i almost feel Auburn would have to GIVE the Vols this game through turnovers and bad special teams play to lose.

chance for tragedy: 7, no matter how shitty Tennessee's offense looks they are still an SEC power and they are playing at home. this is Auburn's first roadtrip of the year going up against one of the best defenses in the country. that's always frightening.

method of death: you weren't ready to was that fucking sniper who got you and ended those dreams.


J.D. said...

Psh. Auburn's offense isn't giving me a football boner. It's giving me a real boner.

jrsuicide said...

for reals.