Thursday, October 29, 2009

a random list of things that i have been for Halloween

a clown (as a baby)

an Auburn football player (2 years old)

Luke Skywalker (ages 3 and 7) the first time i was X-Wing pilot luke and my mom and dad made my costume and it ruled and the 2nd time i was return of the jedi Luke in the black outfit.

He-Man (4 yrs old)

Michael Jackson WereWolf (Age 5 and 6)

Billy Idol (8 yrs)

Ghostbuster (9 yrs) this is by far my favorite Halloween costume of all time. my dad built me and my brother proton packs and my mom hand painted the Ghostbusters logo on some jumpsuits she bought us. i kept that costume and would wear it all the time forever. if i find pictures i will post them.

Lone Star (10 years) for those who don’t remember he was some random cartoon character that was a cowboy in the future on a planet called NEW TEXAS. i don’t even remember anything about the cartoon other than he was a cowboy and had the strength of a bear, the speed of a puma, and the eyes of a hawk.

Karate Kid (10 years old) this was the costume i went as that night after i spent the whole fucking day at school explaining my Lonestar costume to people and got upset that noone knew what i was.

Freddy Krueger (11 yrs)

then i went through a stupid period of my life where i thought dressing up wasn’t cool and didn’t go trick or treating and instead would go egg people’s houses with my best friend Adam.

once we reach the teen and adult years i have no idea how old i was but i remember being these costumes

Zombie Kurt Cobain


Angel of Death

Slasher movie victim

Dirk Diggler (twice)

90s Goth Teen

Hipster Vampire

Myself at 16 when i was 26

the Unabomber (4 years in a row)

and this year i am going as the killer from Torso.


patrick said...

This is a little late but I sure do enjoy your use of profanity after an AU loss! it actually expands upon what I have already employed during the game and gives me my second wind when I have to face all those bummer turd losers on Monday.

There is a sense of relief in your post that brings a smile.


jrsuicide said...

just doing my part, man.

Jerry Hinnen said...

Dude, if your friends didn't recognize LoneStar, they needed a punch in the face. Preferably from a second friend dressed up as 30-30, his anthropomorphic horse friend named after a fucking shotgun.

Awesome cartoon.

My verification word is "puyse." Heh.

jrsuicide said...

Haha. Perfect.