Monday, October 19, 2009

I Want You to Be Something Awesome For Halloween, Auburn Students

so Auburn is calling for a "NAVY NIGHTMARE" vs Ole' Miss on Halloween night.!!!

what the fuck is a Navy Nightmare?

LAME LAME LAME LAME. let the college kids be a little more creative than that. it's fucking Halloween, dress up like some ghouls, goblins, slutty cheerleaders, the know, Awesome things.

5 costume suggestions for Auburn Students

1. Misfits

dress up like the Misfits...but use Navy and Orange facepaint instead of black and white and get wasted and sing "Where Eagles Dare" (which i'd make Auburn's intro music if they gave me that kind of power) all night long. I Ain't No Goddamn SonofaBitch...You Better think about it baby!!!

2. Baseball Furies

the creepy baseball clowns from the Warriors are always fun to be. again, use Auburn colors instead of black and white. this costume works best if you can get a group of about 10 or so people to dress the same. plus, bonus baseball bat to carry to the game.

3. Gordon Gekko

this one is for the business majors. what's more frightening in our current economic tire fire than going as a scrumbag Wall-Street trader?

4. Hugo Stiglitz

just cuz.

5. unstoppable zombie horde

just think how fucking awesome it would be if you could get the entire Auburn student section to dress like blood thirsty zombies and they just made weird moaning sounds and acted like they wanted to crawl down onto the field and eat Jeven Sneed's brains all night? yeah, this is the idea i like best. make this happen Auburn. everyone dress like Auburn zombies.


Philip Arnold said...

still my favorite part of that pic from Shaun of the Dead is Tires from Spaced in the foreground...

Anonymous said...

It's Tyres. Great movie, great show!