Friday, October 16, 2009

Suicide Watch (2009), Week 7: Drowning Cats

did you know Kentucky has a hockey team? is this actually real? Hockey...In the SEC?! that makes about us much sense as there being more teams NHL teams in the Southeast and Texas than in Canada......oh wait.

so i'll be at the game this weekend watching Auburn try to make up for their shitastic performance vs. Arkansas. and what better team to take your frustrations out on than Kentucky? (well honestly i'd kinda like some Nerd-Vengence on Vandy...but that'll have to wait a few years). the Cats lost their starting QB for the year and will be shuffling a mix of signal callers out there all Saturday.

Auburn defense: your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to stop THIS MAN:

Randall Cobb is literally the only thing about Kentucky that frightens me. why they aren't just moving him back to QB (where he was far more lethal last season) is beyond me. dude pretty much almost singlehandedly beat Georgia last season and i could see him carving up this Auburn D with his legs if the coaches just let him take direct snaps all day.

chance of tragedy: 5, it's Kentucky...i give em' their due because they are an SEC team and they've pulled off upsets in recent years (Georgia & LSU), but playing without their starting QB and against Auburn's offense AT HOME coming off an embarrassing loss...i like the Tigers BIG.

you died by: beaten to death with a hammer by a guy wear a skull mask and bunny ears. shit happens.


Kirk Lazarus said...

i haven't thought about the Vandy game in about 6 months. thanks for making me throw up in my mouth a little bit.


Jacob said...

As Kirk said, i had that game blocked from memory...thanks for bringing it back up. I was having a good friday until i read that. WDE anyway!