Thursday, October 1, 2009

TV Party, Week 5

Bill Stewart is the new Croom...aka Coach Killer.

Colorado @ West Virginia tonight on EPSN 7:30pm

the rematch of the game that gave us this amazing image.

last year Dan Hawkins ruined Bill Stewart's early career with an early season loss....this year Bill Stewart gets to help drive another nail into Hawkins' coffin. Revenge is fun, kids.

Roll Bama a cliff.

Alabama @ Kentucky on ESPN360 or The SEC Network (aka TBS) 12:01 PM

watching Bama destroy SEC competition isn't exactly my favorite thing to do, but i've yet to watch a Tide game all year other than the opener, so i might as well see what we've got coming down on us to end the year.


LSU @ UGA on CBS at 3:30

the Dawgs and the Drunk Ass Tigers in the first major SEC matchup of this young season. i think we're gonna actually find out which one of these teams is for real after this game. if anything, Athens should be a fun place to be this weekend.


Auburn @ Tennessee on ESPN at 7:45

it's time for Auburn to find out if their offense is for real by going up against one of the SEC...scratch that, the nation's best defensive units. win this one and the Tigers are back in the polls and the momentum for a New Year's bowl game is there. lose it and the Tiger fanbase expectations will probably fall back to reality.

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Anonymous said...

I was very happy to see La Tech beat Hawaii last night. Hawaii had the most efficient QB int he nation going into the game, but la tech shut him down and beat a 2-1(now 2-2)team. Hawaii even ha da win over PAC-10 opponent Washinton St. I even bet on Hawaii, but was ok with losing hte money because I was happy to see that La Tech was not as big of a pansy opponent as I thought.

I love your work on the OAZCTFH campaign!

One Armed Zombie Chris Todd For Heisman...I am all in!