Friday, October 2, 2009

you can feel the oncoming crunkness in the ATH

So it's the LSU/UGA game tomorrow in my lovely little town of Athens. There's already so much fucking purple and gold walking around downtown that you'd think kickoff was a few hours from now. When 2 teams I hate as much as Georgia and LSU play it's hard not to root for a natural disaster to swallow them all....and then some douchebag in an LSU polo talked some shit to me and I was just walking down the I hope the Dawgs whip their ass tomorrow and I see that guy lookin all sad tomorrow night so I can punch him in the balls.


gabe said...

Lane Kiffin, you are a fashion stud. I love your cute orange and white top! Monte Kiffin really is a defensive genius UT held Auburn to below their season average on points and yards!! You Vols stick with your awesome coaches and you will be doing great real soon.

War Eagle and stick the polls up your asses! don't rank us motherfuckers!

AUcat21 said...

i completely agree. oh, now the voters like us? i hope we go 10-2 and are never ranked. fuck your polls.