Thursday, October 8, 2009

TV PARTY, Week 6

The Battle For The Right To Get Blown Out By Either Texas Or Oklahoma In the Big 12 Championship Game

Nebraska at Missouri, Tonight (Thurs) on ESPN 9PM

so is Mizzou actually any good? are Nebraska finally ready to take that next step towards relevence again? will i ever remember to watch this game tonight? probably not, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia will be on.

DAMNIT! You Mean I Have To Actually Get Up and Watch a Noon Game?

Auburn at Arkansas on ESPN at 12PM

the Tigers travel to go play the Hawgs at 10AM. this game should have a total score in the 100s...assuming the players are awake when kickoff starts. i ALWAYS hate it when Auburn plays fucking Arkansas.

So Long Ole' Miss, Nice Knowing You as an SEC Pretender/Contender

Alabama at Ole Miss on CBS 3:30 PM

The Tide can go ahead and put all the pre-season Ole Miss talk to rest for good by running the Rebels over with their big ass monster truck and then throwing their body into the river. fuck Ole Miss.

Will He Won't He?

Florida at LSU on CBS 8 PM

the Gators undefeated dreams will be given their first (and probably only) real test until the SEC title game when they go take on LSU. of course the main question is if football Jesus is gonna play or if he's still too busy gettin' headaches and throwing up. dude, having sex is the best way to clear up a headache...virginity is overrated. anyways even if he doesn't play the Tebow drinking game is still in play.

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