Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Say Goodbye To Your Nazi Balls, Raiders Fans

Hugo Stiglitz is not a fan of the Silver & Black.

man it's hard out there for a Raiders fan.

last night we got to witness TWO choke jobs from Oakland and Buffalo. one was totally expected (Raiders) and the other was a heartbreaker (Bills).

you fucking gave it away to this guy!!!

like that motherfucker needs any more breaks.
man, i think like is rough rooting for Auburn and the Falcons...but what if you added the fact that i lived in a frozen wasteland like Buffalo, New York? i woulda killed myself years ago.

as for the Raiders...i used to consider them my favorite team outside of the Atlanta Falcons, and it's just like watching a car crash whenever i see a Raiders game. they FUCKING HAD IT and then play stupid prevent defense (the chorus screams, "the only thing a prevent defense does is prevent your ass from winning a game!") and lose to Douchebag Rivers and the Paper Champion Chargers. i hope DMac gets outta there in one piece so he can go be a superstar somewhere else someday.


J.D. said...

After watching that game, I came to the conclusion that if the Raiders had a decent QB they would have won by at least 10. JaMarcus Russell is a joke.

jrsuicide said...

Actually JaMarcus played really well near the end of last season and I think he COULD be okay as a starter...he's def better than people think he is. He's hardly as bad as Alex Smith and I'd rather have him than Brady Quinn, which is who the Raiders would've drafted if they hadn't taken JaMarcus.

J.D. said...

He missed some wide open receivers and failed to go through his progression on more than one occasion. He may be better than Alex Smith and Brady Quinn, but IMO his ceiling is slightly below average NFL QB.