Thursday, September 10, 2009


remember when i said that Atlanta should draft Brian Brohm instead of Matt Ryan? yeah me neither. Brohm got cut by the Packers a year after being their 2nd round draft pick. ouch!

DEM DIRTY BIRDS IZ BACK, YA'LL!!! better recognize. we goin' to Da SupaBowl this year. fuck yeah, motherfucker. 16-0. Matt Ryan MVP, Burner Turner is rushing for 3,000 yards, & Roddy White is changing his name to White Lightning.

...a boy can dream can't he?

oh NFL, i've missed you...i am actually more excited about Pro Football than i am about college for the 1st time since Mike Vick's rookie year.

realistic expectations for the 09 Atlanta Falcons:

well their schedule is a i'm hoping for 9-7 and maybe they sneak into the wildcard and give Atlanta's fans the teams first back to back winning seasons in franchise history. i can't see an offense with as much talent as Atlanta's doing worse than 7-9. so i'll split the difference and predict an 8-8 record and a 3rd place finish in the NFC South but Atlanta will be a Darkhorse for the Super Bowl in 2010 season.

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