Friday, September 11, 2009

Suicide Watch (2009): Week 2, let's not do THAT again.

Auburn vs. Mississippi State 2008.


3 to fucking 2!!!

relive the horror...

maybe the worst college football game in the history of the universe.

Punt 4 Victory was born that rainy night. Clinton Durst became a god just for getting me through it. I wanted to make t-shirts to celebrate such an Apocalypse of suck, but American Apparel don't make the right color orange in their t-shirts.

A tragic brain melter and the true beginning of the end for Tommy Tuberville.

fuck that game forever. just thinking about it makes me want to vomit.

Auburn should win on Saturday, they're better than State. they've got their ground game back. it's at home. there's no evil Brandon Cox to throw costly interceptions. there's no Tony Franklin calling horrible plays. it's gonna be fine. i promise.

i hope.

Potential for Tragedy: 5 in a loss, 9 in victory, it's Miss State...weird shit happens when you play them, especially to teams from the state of Alabama. Auburn could lose and i'll want to die or they could win and i'll want to stopping watching football for the rest of my life and pick up a more exciting contest like soccer.

Method of suicide: seriously if auburn plays like they did last year then I may just pull all the many deaths of Harold Chasen (that's a Harold & Maude ref for the kids out there.)

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Jacob said...

Another game like last year and I'll be drinking myself to death.