Sunday, September 27, 2009

fuck the polls

I was under the impression that following all the upsets and poor performances this weekend that a team like Auburn whose scored points in bunches and been one of the better teams in the SEC so far would easily get into the top 25 this week........yeah not so much.

Yeah, fuck the polls. When you get crushed by an unranked team and stay in the top 25 (Cal) then you are useless to me. Its pretty obvious to me that most of the sportswriters and coaches in the nation just don't pay any attention. Also I call bullshit on USC being back in the top 10 just a week after losing to Washington. What ever, enough bitching here's my Top 25.


1. Florida
3. Texas
4. Virginia Tech
5. LSU
6. Boise State
7. Cincinnati
8. TCU
9. Houston
10. Oregon
11. USC
12. Ohio State
13. Auburn
14. Kansas
15. Oklahoma State
16. Miami
17. BYU
18. Oklahoma
19. Iowa
20. Michigan
21. South Florida
22. Georgia
23. Mizzou
24. Georgia Tech
25. Penn State

-the top 3 are the only ones that matter right now. after that the top 10 is made up of teams with either impressive wins over ranked teams (Boise State, Oregon, Virginia Tech, Houston, Cinci) or a team who is unbeaten and could possibly run the table (TCU) or a team living off their reputation who looks like they could lose at any point (LSU).

-USC & Ohio State fall just outside of the top 10...although there's no way they won't end up back there soon. USC plays Cal and Ohio State has 5 easy games before they face Penn State.

-AUBURN IS WAY TOO HIGHLY RANKED IN MY PRETEND POLL...that being said i think they could beat ANY of the teams i have ranked below them with the way their offense is scoring points. do i think Auburn will end the season this high? probably not, but i stand by my pre-season prediction of 8-4...and i'm starting to lean towards 9-3.
-eveything else is a crapshoot.

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