Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Terror Is Raining From The Sky!!!

hey it's been just one week but us knee-jerk types are already guessing which headcoach will be the 1st one to be fired this season. after last year's chopping block (which included Auburn's own coach) we can pretty much rule out anybody in the SEC other than some assistants. the Ole Ball Coach might call it quits, but there's no way he'd get fired.


1. Al Ghroh, Virginia
2. Dan Hawkins, Colorado
3. Mike Sherman, Texas A&M
4. Paul Wulff, Washington State
5. Charlie Weis, Notre Dame
6. Ron Zook, Illinois
7. Steve Kragthorpe, Louisville
8. George O'Leary, Central Florida
9. Mike Price, UTEP
10. Randy Shannon, Miami (although that win vs. FSU might have saved his job.)


J.D. said...

Les Miles and Mark Richt could be on the hot seat, especially if their teams tank.

jrsuicide said...

Les Miles JUST won a title and Mark Richt is Mr. Jesus. None of those guys are in any kinda of mildly warm seats. The only coach I can even remotely imagine being fired would be Nutt if Ole Miss pulls and crash and burn and their fanbase loses their minds like Auburn did last year.

J.D. said...

But the Bayou Bengals' fans weren't thrilled with the way things went last year. If he has another season similar to that one, you have to think his seat will at least be warm.

And with Richt, I feel like alot of Georgia fans feel like he's peaked as a coach; in other words, they think that 2 SEC titles in 9 years and 0 NCs isn't nearly enough. I still think he's one of the best coaches in the country, but if he only gets 6 or 7 wins this year I could see him being on the hot seat going into 2010.