Friday, September 18, 2009

Suicide Watch (2009): WEEK 3, Revenge Tiger Style

this is Auburn's first REVENEGE game of the year. i like my Tigers' chances.

West Fucking Virginia. you used to be somebody. you used to be a contender. if you were a band you would be know 2 solid albums and then kinda a dull 3rd one and then you fell off everyone's radar...but you've still got a few killer cuts left in you. Pat White might be gone, but you're still lethal on the ground with Mr. Noel Devine. you know, that dude who ran all over Auburn's defense last year. granted the wheels had pretty much fallen of Auburn's season by then and the defense was so banged up that their were true freshmen on the field and 3rd stringers making up the bulk of the D. still i can't imagine Antonio Coleman and company were too thrilled watching those Mountaineers run up and down the field and destroy Auburn's famous defense with Blitzkrieg like ease. it was ugly, ugly, hell it was FUGLY.

this is the Tigers first real test of the year after obliterating La Tech and the Mississippi State Bulldogs. can the ground attack keep it up? West Virginia plays a 3-3-5 defense which makes passing the ball difficult at times, so Todd could be forced to throw the ball into double coverage which might result in some turnovers. it seems most likely that running the ball is still gonna be the game plan.

potential for tragedy: 8, West Virginia is a solid team...or as solid as someone in the Big East can be. they ran all over Auburn last year and they've still got Noel Devine. this is Auburn's first REAL test.

method of suicide: i'm gonna open up the Ark and take all you fuckers with me.

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