Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hey, Look. We Got Ourselves One Of Them Football Teams

The Opening Game 2009 Depth Chart has been released kids. and if you weren't scared before then you sure as shit will be now.

i'd have trouble winning video games with this roster.

first off, a big "FUCK YOU" to Tuberville for letting the roster get this thin. Yeah i fucking said it. FUCK YOU TOMMY TUBERVILLE YOU BIG EARED MOTHERFUCKER. yeah yeah yeah...i know, Thanks for 2004 and the big wins and blah fucking blah....but if the 2009 Auburn Football Team isn't an indictment of the Tuberville regime's shitty recruiting the last couple of years then i don't know what is. okay, sorry for that little outburst. we say the meanest things to the ones we loved the most.

so via War Eagle Extra here's what the Tigers are gonna look like vs. LA Tech on Saturday.


QB: Chris Todd, 6-4, 210, Sr.
Neil Caudle, 6-3, 200, Jr.
Tyrik Rollison, 6-0, 194, Fr.

RB: Ben Tate, 5-11, 218, Sr.
Onterio McCalebb, 5-10, 164, Fr.

FB: Mario Fannin, 5-11, 225, Jr.
John Doulgas, 6-2, 241, So. OR
Gabe McKenzie, 6-5, 252, Sr.

TE: Tommy Trott, 6-5, 243, Sr.
Philip Lutzenkirchen, 6-4, 262, Fr.
Jay Wisner, 6-2, 194, Jr.

WR: Terrell Zachery, 6-1, 203, Jr.
Kodi Burns, 6-2, 208, Jr.

WR: Darvin Adams, 6-3, 185, So.
DeAngelo Benton, 6-2, 192, Fr. OR
Emory Blake, 6-1, 192, Fr.

LT: Lee Ziemba, 6-8, 308, Jr.
Jared Cooper, 6-4, 295, So.

LG: Byron Isom, 6-3, 281, Jr.
Jorell Bostrum, 6-3, 362, Jr.

C: Ryan Pugh, 6-4, 289, Jr.
Bart Eddins, 6-4, 297, Jr.

RG: Mike Berry, 6-3, 311, Jr.
John Sullen, 6-6, 346, Fr.

RT: Andrew McCain, 6-6, 299, Sr.
Vance Smith, 6-2, 281, So.

LE: Antonio Coleman, 6-3, 261, Sr.
Nosa Eguae, 6-2, 244, Fr.

LT: Mike Blanc, 6-4, 288, Jr.
Nick Fairley, 6-5, 293, So.

RT: Jake Ricks, 6-4, 292, Sr.
Zach Clayton, 6-3, 281, Jr.
Derrick Lykes, 6-2, 284, rFr.

DE: Michael Goggans, 6-3, 264, Jr.
Dee Ford, 6-4, 214, Fr.

LLB: Craig Stevens, 6-3, 223, Jr.
Jonathan Evans, 5-11, 207,, Fr.

MLB: Josh Bynes, 6-2, 239, Jr.
Harrison Gaston, 6-1, 219, Fr.

RLB: Eltoro Freeman, 5-11, 222, So.
Adam Herring, 6-1, 216, So.
Wade Christopher, 6-1, 215, So.

LCB: Walt McFadden, 6-0, 175, Sr.
Harry Adams, 6-0, 183, So.

S: Daren Bates, 5-11, 195, Fr.
Drew Cole, 5-11, 182, So.
T'Sharvan Bell, 6-0, 192, So.

S: Zac Etheridge, 6-0, 212, Jr.
Mike Slade, 6-3, 192, So.
D'Antoine Hood, 5-10, 187, So.

RCB: Neiko Thorpe, 6-2, 176, So.
Demond Washington, 5-9, 185, Jr.
Special Teams

PK: Wes Byrum, 6-2, 209, Jr.
Morgan Hull, 6-3, 199, Jr.

P: Clinton Durst, 6-1, 191, Sr.
Ryan Shoemaker, 6-0, 184, Jr.

LS: Josh Harris, 6-1, 220, So.
Bailey Woods, 6-5, 237, So.

H: Clayton Crofoot, 6-6, 191, Sr.
Neil Caudle, 6-3, 200, Jr.

KR: Terrell Zachery, 6-1, 203, Jr.
Onterio McCalebb, 5-10, 164, Fr.
Neiko Thorpe, 6-2, 176, So.
Mario Fannin, 5-11, 225, So.

PR: Mario Fannin, 5-11, 225, Jr.
Anthony Gulley, 5-9, 176, Fr.

excuse me for a second.... not yet. there's plenty of time for that.

ugggghhhhh. so we've got like probably the weakest defense that Auburn has put together since??????????????? i have no fucking clue, i can't recall when i could say going into the first game of the year that that Tigers looked like they might not be able to shut down most any team they played. this is gonna be a long year, isn't it? fuck. i'm too old for this bullshit.

the only real strength of this team is going to be the running game and if there is a God then Auburn is gonna be a run-first-ask questions later kind of spread team this season, unless Chris Todd had some sort of Robocop super arm put in to replace hi missing arm and some bionic legs put in to replace his zombie speed. so i say give it to Tate, Fannin, and McCalebb and get that zombie out of the fucking way. as far as the wideouts go, again i think we can all extend a nice finger in the direction of our former coaching staff for the top notch job they did with supposed 4 star recruits who'd been a part of the last 4 classes. oh well, let's hope those Freshmen were worth their hype and let's hope Kodi is better at catching and running than he is at accurately throwing a forward pass.

"The Fear" is all over me right now.

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