Sunday, September 6, 2009

Spread Damn Eagle

The Chiz totally looks like he wants to eat your soul in this pic.

okay i've finally had a chance to watch the replay of the Auburn game and i gotta say, i've got a little bit of optimism (especially after i saw how poorly Georgia & Ole' Miss both played). The running game was a thing of beauty. 2 backs going over 100 yards!? Yes, I'll gladly have some of that. Darvin Adams appeared to be an excellent possession receiver that the passing game can rely on. Mario Fannin is going to be a matchup nightmare for linebackers. And I'm very to happy to see that our one armed zombie QB was able to sling it down the field like he was supposedly gonna do last year. And getting to see Kodi score that 1st touchdown made me really really happy. I have a feeling he's gonna be a hell of a threat in the redzone. So yeah, Spread Eagle 2 is totally the sequel we all wanted to see after the shitty 1st film. Let's just hope it's more than a really rad opening sequence.

The defense...ehh, it could use some work for sure. Too many penalties. Not enough preasure on the QB. But they shut La Tech down in the 2nd half. I also liked the play of the DBs in the redzone. And Darren Bates = super sleeper. I'll hold off any real judgement until they play a team that can actually beat them. I guess I should take that same stance with the offense too, but why kill my joy?

5 things that made me stoked:
Ontario McCalebb
Wes Byrum's rediscovery of his ability to make kicks
Chris Todd having an arm that works
Darvin Adams & Mario Fannin making catches...what a novelty
The play of Auburn's D in the redzone

So the Chiz and the new staff get that much needed 1st win. Everythings coming up roses until it all goes to shit. War Eagle and all that.

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J.D. said...

I was most excited about the halftime adjustments personally. We had the lead at halftime in every game except the Iron Bowl last season, but still managed to lose seven games. Close game at halftime turned into a laugher as we outgained LTU 357-102 in the second half, and outscored them 24-3.