Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1 more year for Bobby

so Bobby Cox announced today that next season is gonna be his last season as the manager of the Atlanta Braves. the Braves should be a contender next season with one of the National League's best pitching staffs and a team that seems like it's finally getting it's shit together after a couple of lousy seasons. if Atlanta can find a bat or two then i might even call them the favorite to win the NL East. it will be weird to think of Atlanta without Cox in the dugout considering he helped turn the Braves from one of the laughing stocks of all of baseball into one of the best organizations in all of sports. he may have only won 1 world series, but that's still more than the Cubs have (and most teams outside of the Mega-Markets like New York, LA, & Boston). his streak of divisional titles will probably never ever be matched and he's a hall of famer...but part of me wishes he'd go ahead and call it quits this year. i mean YES a guy like Cox who has done so much for his team should be aloud to choose his own exit and not be forced out of town like Joe Torre...but at the same time i think some new blood might be the thing that Atlanta needs to be a Championship team. with next season being Cox's LAST SEASON, the pressure is gonna be on the Braves to send him out a winner...or at least with a playoff trip. it worries me that it might be the sort of thing that could crush them next year.

anyways, next season should at least be an interesting one for the Braves.

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