Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome Back NFLs, I Missed You

random thoughts and such from Week 1 of the NFL.

Oh Falcons. You goin' to da SupaBowl. but for serious, watchin' the Falcons manhandle Miami's offense for almost the entire game was a thing of pure beauty. a junk TD by Smoke Dog Ricky in the 4th once the game was pretty much over was okay by me. and in all honestly that shit shoulda been a total blowout of Matt Ryan wasn't over throwing his receivers so much to start the game. I'm feeling it, dude. for the first time in many many years i BELIEVE in the the Falcons.

sadly looking like a smooth motherfucker doesn't = super star QB.

oh Jason Campbell. i fear you won't make it through the season if you keep playin' like this. this is obviously Campbell's make or break it year with the Redskins. they did ever thing they could to try and land Cutler or Sanchez in the offseason, so if J.C. can't lead them to the playoffs (at the very least) then i see him getting shipped out of town or benched next year.

Neckbeard wins it on the most fluke play i've ever seen.

Meanwhile Droopy Dog played like dogshit and the Bears get their lunch money stolen vs. the Packers. that game was pure suck.

elsewheres in games i did not watch:

McNabb got hurt! SHOCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also Jake Delhomme is made of SUCK.

Drew Brees however is made of awesome! 6 fucking touchdowns!? are you shitting me? i'm afraid of what he may do to Atlanta's secondary.

Sexy Sanchez wins. Stafford loses and throws about a million interceptions. my over under for INTS by Matt Stafford this year is 22. such is the life of a Detroit Lions QB.

FACT: Purple Jesus is more awesome at football than anyone since Bo Jackson.

Dear St. Louis Rams fans,

this is your football season.

and for fans out there of the Thug Apologists: i regret to inform you that i've retired from fantasy football as i haven't the love and effort to put into it anymore. and so it goes.


SCI FI FANTASY FOOTBALL! think of the possibilities. Boba Fett is your starting WR, Legolas as your QB, a defense made up of Cylons!!! Nerdgasm.

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