Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random Thoughts About The Auburn Season at the 1/3 point

High Fives All Around, Bro.

-Chris Fucking Todd aka the One Armed Zombie aka Captain Heisman aka I Am Gonna Shatter All Of Auburn's Single Season Passing Records And Make You Eat a Shit Sandwich for Complaining About Me So Much. thank you for making me look like a jackass young sir. i am always willing to made a fool out of for the good of all.

-Ontario McCalebb = Auburn's most exciting playmaker since the Cadillac & Ronnie Brown days.

-Darvin Adams...wow, having a go-to receiver is UBER-AWESOME

-i have a feeling Ben Tate is quietly gonna lead the SEC in rushing and end up a 2nd round draft pick.

-Mario Fannin is the most versatile Auburn player we've had in ages. watching him makes plays in the passing game has me thinking All-American next year if he becomes the featured running back.

-welcome back offensive line.

-i am soooooo happy that Kodi Burns has embraced the wildcat/wr/redzone threat role.

-welcome back Wes Byrum

-what the fuck is a Tony Franklin?

-Gustav is making this shit look easy. this team is probably going to end up breaking most of Auburn's scoring records. this is all the more convincing to me that Tubby leaving town was a good thing for Auburn. this team HAD playmakers...they just weren't aloud to make any plays thanks to a trainwreck of an offense the last few years.

-the defense is borderline the SUCK. they've locked down when they've had to...but too many touchdowns and big plays. against Ball State i will excuse most of the scores considering they were handed rough spots to defend thanks to muffed punts, failed 4th down conversions, and stupid interception...but overall they still gave up long drives to Ball State and we're dominated for most of the 1st half by West Virginia. when they go up against a team who can score points (Georgia, Arkansas, and Alabama) i could see some real trouble.

-that being said Coleman, Ricks, Stevens, and freshman Darren Bates all get mad love from me.

-special teams is way too special needs. get this shit fixed or there's no way they're gonna win any close low scoring games.

-so far so good. even if things aren't perfect...i can't really complain about 4-0. you guys are already halfway to my prediction of wins for the year. i may even raise that total to 9 wins if you can beat the Vols at home. unless the wheels completely fall off and Auburn goes 1-7 the rest of the year then i can safely say that optimism has been restored on the Plains.

-my greatest fear about this season besides a long soul crushing losing streak is that the team gets too much success too early and it results in Gus Malzahn being stolen away from Auburn by a bigger program desperate for offense (Ohio State) or a possible headcoaching position (Colorado, Virginia, etc...)

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