Saturday, September 12, 2009

random thoughts from an awesome week 2 of college football

So if Michigan is "back" what does Auburn offensive explosion mean? Not much to ESPN until they beat someone in the SEC worth a shit.

Chances Auburn will be in the top 25 next week: none

Chances Michigan will be in the top 25 next week: 100/100

Big 10. What's the fucking point?

USC...why'd you dick around so long? Matt Barkley already did something Mark Sanchez never did and lead the Trojans on a game winning drive. Its probably safe to put that kid at the top of your draft board in 3 years.

It's Florida and then everyone else.

Georgia and South Carolina both looked shitty and awesome at the same time. I have no clue about either of those teams.

LSU isn't gonna win the West.

BYU will kill you.

Maybe saying Miami was back was a little premature after seeing FSU barely sneak out a win vs. Nobody U.

Central Michigan vs. Michigan State was the most bananas ending of any game I've seen in a long time.

Al Groh and Dan Hawkins are neck and neck in the "you are so fucking fired" race. My money is on Groh gettin the axe first.


AUcat21 said...

Pretty sure ESPN hasn't even shown the AU highlights at all. Why do I watch this commy channel so much?

jrsuicide said...

Cuz its a damn 1 party system and we have no other choice. I fell asleep waiting for some hilights that I knew in my heart were never gonna come. Seriously, you'll show what happened in the fucking iowa vs iowa state game but no love for Auburn and Miss St? Fuck you, ESPN!

J.D. said...

Notre Dame has more votes for the Top 25 than Auburn. That is ridiculous. Hate Notre Dame.