Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just Say No To Jo-Jo

Okay, I'm done with Jo-Jo Reyes. Dude is completely useless, can't win a fucking game, can't get anyone out, he can't give you more than 5 innings and taxes the bullpen, & is overall the worst Braves starting pitcher in years. Why he's taking up that 5th spot in the rotation when the Braves have 3 or 4 quality youngsters in Triple A is beyond me. It's time to trade him, I realize his value is next to nothing but i'd be willing to take a sack of Krystals and season 1 of Battle Star Galactica in exchange for never having to witness one of his pitching abortions again. Besides it's time to give that Tommy Hanson kid a shot, it would at the very least get some fans out to the park to see the Future of the franchise pitch. But really, why the fuck is Jo-Jo still getting chances? My only guess is that Bobby Cox is holding out hope that Tom Glavine is gonna be ready by the end of May...but to me Glavine isn't any kind of answer. Give one of the young guns a shot, Bobby. Quit living in the 90s.

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