Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2Night it's Zaza Time!

it's all on you Zaza. we need the Zaza Revolution to wage a lethal guerrilla campaign against David Stern's band of whistle happy refs and THE CHOSEN ONE if the city of Atlanta has any hope at all. i believe in you. well not really, but i'm gonna root anyways.

tonight the Hawks undertake the impossible task of trying to defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers (or the Lebrons as they are better known) in the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs. ESPN writer John Hollinger has laid out of 5 point plan for the Hawks to
defeat the Cavs...unless Lebron getting the Swine Flu is among them then i don't really see that playing out. and even then i'd have my doubts...

remember what you guys did against the Celtics last year? yeah, well do that again...if you take Cleveland to 7 games then you have earned the right to tell the rest of the NBA to suck it.

Go Hawks!


Anonymous said...

Georgia must win
Georgian hawk Zaza!

J.D. said...

Hawks will make it 6 or 7 before bowing out, book it

jrsuicide said...

after last night 6 is a big fucking stretch.