Wednesday, May 6, 2009

That Was Ugly

maybe my original prediction of a 5 game series was a little too optimistic for the Hawks. granted they lost every single game against the Heat in blowout fashion and when this series gets back to Atlanta you'd hope the Hawks bother showing up...but DAMN!!! watching Lebron dominate just made me glad he didn't stay with football and wasn't terrorizing NFL QB's right now as the most athletic defensive end in history or burning linebackers for 70 yard tds as the greatest tight end in league history. i mean can you imagine?

seriously, James has to be the best all around athlete i've seen since Bo Jackson.

speaking of basketball players who could've been awesome football players...check out this video of Allen Iverson as a highschool QB/Punt Returner/Defensive Back/Runningback. he looks Vick-like.

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