Wednesday, May 13, 2009

get LOST

I'm honor of tonight's LOST season finale I give you my top 20 people (or duos or groups) in sports that i'd like to strand on a desert island so we never had to hear about them again.

1. Roger Clemens
2. Chris Berman
3. A. Rod
4. Brett Favre
5. Manny
6. Poseur Redsox Fans
7. Drew Ro$enhau$ & $cott Bora$
8. Skip Bayles
9. Mike Wilbon
10. Joe Buck & Tim McCarver
11. Joe Morgan
12. Jim Delany
13. Ocho Cinco
14. Tony Kornheiser (while he's doing Monday Night Football)
15. Jay Mariotti
16. Herbiebot & Corso
17. Colin Cowherd
18. Mike Lupica & Mitch Albom
19. Stan Van Gundy for being a whiny choke artist.
20. T.O. not because I actually hate him, cuz I don't. I just never wanna see another ESPN story about him.


J.D. said...

Add Bill Plaschke, and I'd agree with you. Except I need my Corso and Herb on Saturday mornings. Unless you replaced them with Beano Cook and Lou Holtz. Then I'd assume I was still drunk every Saturday morning.

jrsuicide said...

yeah i hate Plaschke too...and most everyone else on Around the Horn other than Bob Ryan. haha a Beano Cook and Lou Holtz gameday would be amazing.