Sunday, May 3, 2009


Hey Wade, i think Joe Johnson just drained another 3.

don't let that final score fool you, it was soooooo much worse than 91-78. Just like every game in this ugly 7 game series the winner left the other team in the dust...luckily it was Atlanta's turn to be the destroyer. If Josh Smith wanted to try some ridiculous dunk then this was the game to do it. I was worried for about 5 minutes in the 3rd quarter, but by the time Atlanta was up by 15 I knew this one was over. I'd have loved to watch my boy Zaza get gangsta on Haslem's ass for that cheap foul/horse collar tackle at the end but we need his big goofy ass vs the Lebrons.

This victory is most definitely sweet. It's been so many years since any Atlanta team won anything of note that I forgot what it was like to celebrate. Sure, the entire city of Atlanta are just jumping on the bandwagon...but when your franchise has been as miserable as the Hawks have been for as long as they have been, well I'm willing to forgive the frontrunning. Are they gonna be able to do anything in round 2 vs. The Chose One and his band of bit players? Doubtful. But I think most of us who grew up loving the NBA and then lost faith in the league would be fine with our favorite team going down if it gives us a chance to see the two best players in the game face off in the finals. This season for the Hawks was more about establishing respectability to the city of Atlanta, and this first round victory has done that. The Hawks are an NBA team that the ATL can be proud to root for, and when you are building something from the ashes of despair that means a lot. Basketball matters again in Hotlanta and it totally rules.

Go Hawks. Make Lebron earn it.

On a totally random note, I issue a challenge to the young rappers of the Atlanta area to write a song and create a new dance craze called "Mine That Bird" after yesterday's Derby longshot champ. It could become the official theme song of the Hawks and Falcons and it could give Auburn players a dance to do if Spread Eagle 2 is a smashing success. Ok, get to it. Make my retarded fantasies real.

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J.D. said...

That game was awesome. Completely agree that the final score wasn't indicative of the beating the Hawks gave Miami, it was a 29 point game with about eight minutes to go. Dwyane Wade still does things that almost nobody else could do. I was very impressed with Joe Johnson, and Zaza Pachulia rocks my face off. Go Hawks!