Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First Look: the 2009 Auburn Tigers

Jay G Tate has the (likely) 2009 Roster posted on his blog. there are a couple of errors as far as positions and what year the player is in go...but i was too lazy to make my own damn list so i'm not gonna complain about his. this list only includes scholarship players, sorry walk-ons...i know a few of you will be asked to contribute next season...especially on special teams.

anyways here's the roster.

QB Chris Todd, Sr.
QB Kodi Burns, Jr.
QB Neil Caudle, Jr.
QB Barrett Trotter, RFr.
QB Tyrik Rollison, Fr.
QB Clint Moseley, Fr.

RB Ben Tate, Sr.
RB Mario Fannin, Jr.
RB Eric Smith, Soph.
RB John Douglas, Soph.
RB Onterio McCalebb, Fr.
TB Brandon Jacobs, Fr.
TB Dontae Aycock, Fr.

RECEIVERS (17, possibly 19)
WR Montez Billings, Sr.
WR Tim Hawthorne, Sr.
TE Tommy Trott, Sr.
WR Terrell Zachery, Jr.
WR/DB Demond Washington, Jr.
TE Bailey Woods, Jr.
WR Derek Winter, Soph.
WR Darvin Adams, Soph.
WR Quindarius Carr, Soph.
WR Harry Adams, Soph.
WR Philip Pierre-Louis, RFr.
WR DeAngelo Benton, Fr.
WR Phillip Lutzenkirchen, Fr.
WR Emory Blake, Fr.
WR Travante Stallworth, Fr.
WR LaVoyd James, Fr. (probably headed to JUCO)
WR Anthony Gulley, Fr.
TE Brent Slusher
TE Gabe McKenzie

OL Andrew McCain, Sr.
OL Lee Ziemba, Jr.
OL Ryan Pugh, Jr.
OL Bart Eddins, Jr.
OL Darrell Roseman, Jr.
OL Mike Berry, Jr.
OL Byron (Lee) Isom, Jr.
OL Jared Cooper, Soph.
OL A.J. Greene, Soph.
OL Vance Smith, Soph.
OL Andre Harris, Fr.
OL John Sullen, Fr.

DL Antonio Coleman, Sr.
DL Jake Ricks, Sr.
DL Antoine Carter, Jr.
DL Michael Goggans, Jr.
DL Mike Blanc, Jr.
DL Zach Clayton, Jr.
DL Nick Fairley, Jr.
DL Jomarcus Savage, RFr.
DL Derrick Lykes, RFr.
DL Cam Henderson, RFr.
DL Terrance Coleman, Fr.
DL Nosa Eguae, Fr.
DL Jamar Travis, Fr.
DL Dee Ford, Fr.
DL Josh Jackson, Fr.
DL Andre Wadley

LB Craig Stevens, Jr.
LB Josh Bynes, Jr.
LB Eltoro Freeman, Soph.
LB Spencer Pybus, Soph.
LB Adam Herring, Soph.
LB Marcus Jemison, RFr. (switched from safety during spring)
LB Da'Shaun Barnes, RFr.
LB Jonathan Evans, Fr.
LB Harris Gaston, Fr.

DB Walt McFadden, Sr.
DB Aairon Savage, Sr.
DB Zac Etheridge, Jr.
DB Mike McNeil, Jr.
DB Taikwon Paige, Jr.
DB Neiko Thorpe, Soph.
DB Mike Slade, Soph.
DB D'Antoine Hood, Soph.
DB Drew Cole, Soph.
DB Christian Thompson, Soph.
DB T'Sharvan Bell, RFr.
DB Reggie Taylor, Fr. (probably headed to JUCO)
DB Izauea Lanier, Fr.
DB Daren Bates, Fr.

P Clinton Durst, Sr. (I expect him to get a scholarship)
K Wes Byrum, Jr.
P Ryan Shoemaker, Jr.
DS Dax Dellenbach, RFr.

OFFENSE: 42-44 (my guess is 43; McKenzie returns)
DEFENSE: 37-39 (my guess is 38; Wadley returns)


so from this list i'm gonna throw out my prediction for the opening game starters against LA Tech.


QB. Kodi Burns
RB. Ben Tate
HB. Mario Fannin
WR. Tim Hawthorne
WR. DeAngelo Benton
WR. Terrell Zachery
LT. Lee Ziemba
LG. Mike Berry
C. Ryan Pugh
RG. Byrom Isom
RT. Andrew McCain


DE. Anotonio Coleman
DT. Jake Ricks
DT. Mike Blanc
DE. Michael Goggans
LB. Eltoro Freeman
LB. Josh Bynes
LB. Craig Stevens
CB. Walter McFadden
SS. Zac Etheridge
FS. Mike McNeil (unless he's still injured)
CB. Neiko Thorpe

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