Saturday, May 2, 2009

ESPN needs another reality check

Is it really too much to ask for a day without hyperbole?

All day long ESPN has been trying to sell me that THIS IS THE GREATEST SPORTS DAY Of THE YEAR! And I'm not buying.

Uhhh, let's see we've got the Kentucky Derby & a Boxing that covers the irrelevant sports noone outside of gamblers cares about, then we've got an ultra hyped 2nd round Hockey playoff matchup that only slightly more people watch than Arena Football, then there's some non-major golf tourney, there's some baseball, and finally the only legit big deal is a game 7 between the Bulls & Celtics. As far as I can tell the words Foot & Ball in combination were absent from that list thereby disqualifying any claim to this day being anything other than a day where football was not being played and thereby isn't much of a sportsday at all.

Good try.

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