Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Haiku For Lebron

I can't remember what the rules are for Haiku's my attempt at a few.

King James Reigns No More
Surrounded By Such Suckiness
What Chance Was There?

Nike and David Stern Cry
All Your Dreams Are Over Now
Fuck Those Puppets Anyways

MVP's and home court
Do not Mean Shit in Ohio
Cleveland Still Sucks

I do actually feel a little bad for Lebron. He's a totally amazing and likeable player even if he gets too many bullshit calls and his commercials suck. If I could ever allow myself to be a frontrunner then i'd pick him to root for. I would've rather seen Nuggets vs Cavs than the Lakers in the finals but I realized while watching this series how truly lousy the Cavs would be without Lebron. They don't have a single guy on that team other than James that id want the Hawks to pick up. Its an amazing feat and shows just how awesome Lebron is that those sorry ass turds could even have the league's best record. And as much as I hate listening to ESPN and the rest of the universe plug the Lebron to New York thing...after this series it seems pretty likely, I just hope James gives Atlanta a quick look before bolting for the NYC...(yeah its not happening, but he'd be a lot more likely to win with Joe Johnson, Horford, and Zaza than with that collection of scrubs in Cleveland or New York).

Party foul for James for not shaking Dwight's hand after the game. When you get your ass handed to you like that you've got to man up and shake some hands. Oh well.

Anyways, go Magic...beat the fucking Lakers.

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