Friday, May 1, 2009

I Do Commercials

Okay Hawks, no fucking around, i wanna see you guys roll down to Miami and send Dwayne Wade and his boys on vacation. no game 7s. no bringing it back to the ATL. IT ENDS TONIGHT. okay, come on the city of Atlanta hasn't won a playoff series of any kind in years (i know nothing about the hockey team so i don't know if that's 100% true). Joe Johnson, i need about 30 points from you. Josh Smith, your job is to dunk it in Jermaine O'Neal's face as many times as possible...tomahawk style.

Al Horford and Marvin Williams are both out, so that means i'm counting on you Zaza (aka my favorite Hawk)...god i love that big ugly Russian (or whatever the fuck he is). more of this is welcome too...

HAWKS HAWKS HAWKS!!!!!!! just win baby.


Jerry Hinnen said...

Zaza's actually a hometown boy from Georgia.

(OK, the other Georgia.)

jrsuicide said...

Well let's hope he shows some state pride.