Thursday, May 21, 2009

THE SEC QB Situation...or Enter The World Of Suck

my scientific rankings of the QB situations in the SEC going into the 2009 Season.

1. Florida

obviously they've got Tebow so that means they are about 100,000 miles ahead of the next team.

2. Ole Miss

Jevan Snead is a solid college QB with some possible NFL 1st round ability. that about covers the sure things in the SEC this year.

3. Arkansas

Ryan Mallett was a 5 star QB who played a bit in Michigan's pro style offense his freshman season before deciding to get the hell out of town when RichRod and the Spread hit town. under Bobby Petrino Mallett could be scary. he's got the size and the arm strength to be a future 1st round pick. this is his first season in the SEC but his overall potential makes him worthy of the 3rd spot.

4. LSU

Jordan Jefferson looked pretty good at the end of the season. he's a good athlete and he's got some experience but Russel Sheppard is a five star talent that could totally steal his job away if Jefferson struggles this year. Jarrett Lee also still exists...which isn't really a good thing, unless you enjoy interceptions returned for touchdowns.

5. South Carolina

Stephen Garcia has thus far been a bit of a disappointment for the 'Cocks both on and off the field. he's the only 4 star talent the Ole' Ball Coach has had in Columbia and this is his 3rd year in the would have to think Garcia well make some major improvements this season, or maybe he'll get arrested 2 weeks before the season starts and get kicked off the team. on a side note, i really wish he'd grow the locks back.

6. Georgia

UGA's QB situation is kinda similar to Stafford's freshman season. Joe Cox is a senior who has some playing experience (it was he that lead the comeback win over Colorado as a freshman...not Matt Stafford) plus the Dawgs have an athletic backup in Logan Gray and a couple of 4 star freshmen backing him up. i have a feeling that if Georgia struggles early we might see as many as 3 different starters for the Bulldogs. during the Richt era UGA has always had a solid enough starter, it's hard to imagine one of the 4 QBs won't emerge as pretty good college QB.

7. Kentucky

Mike Hartline and Randall Cobb are both Sophomores and they both played last season. Hartline's the passer and Cobb is the athlete. neither guy blew anyone's doors off, but Cobb gives the Wildcats the best chance to win.

8. Auburn

Kodi Burns was the definition of inconsistent...actually he was more the definition of useless for most of the season with a few flashes of brilliance. this is most likely his last chance. Neil Caudle has never started a game and doesn't have much playing experience. Chris Todd only has 1 arm...and it's not the one he throws with. and then everyone else is a freshman. who fucking knows what is gonna happen, hopefully the running game can cover their asses enough that none of this will matter.

9. Alabama

Greg McElroy has very little playing experience and a mostly new offensive line in front of him...not to mention he's shackled with that NUMBER 12 JERSEY. luckily Bama has a solid running game and some guy named Julio Jones for McElroy to throw to...that should be good enough to cover for him.

10. Mississippi State

Tyson Lee is a senior who started last season for the Bulldogs, but he's not athletic enough for Dan Mullen to run his offense properly and Mississippi State lacks any play makers to help him out.

11. Vanderbilt

no team won more games in spite of their QBs than Vandy. Mackenzi Adams looked like Jay Cutler vs. Auburn but was pretty shitty against the rest of the league. they've got some other dude too who started playing at the end of the season but i totally forgot his name...and there's probably some freshman who'll show up out of nowhere and take a few random snaps for no apparent reason. jesus, Vandy would be better off just playing defense the whole game.

12. Tennessee

Jonathan Crompton was probably the worst QB in the league last year and he still has his starting job and the Vols failed to recruit a freshman they could develop this season and insert if the offense is a total disaster again this year. Kiffin better learn to work miracles if he thinks Crompton is his guy.

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