Monday, May 18, 2009

A Small Victory

hey ESPN did something right for a change. the prayers of Monday Night Football watchers have finally been answered as Tony Kornheiser has been fired/dropped/or he quit/whatever you wanna call it and replaced by John Gruden in the booth for next season. first off YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! to Kornheiser being gone. now MNFL will have 97% less stupid questions and Favre references. secondly, John Gruden? what up with that? is their a more unlikeable jackass former NFL coach currently without a job? i don't think so. and why would you want to hire a guy who is gonna be leaving as soon as an NFL or NCAA team comes calling for him?

my top 5 choices to replace Kornheiser would've been:

1. Dick Vermeil- he was really good in the booth the times he's been given a chance. he's a likable and knowledgeable he brings the added element of crying to the booth. think of the Emmys.

2. Dan Reeves- the MNFL is a little too Northeastern douchebag Yankee for it's own good. Reeves could bring some much needed Southern grit to the crew. plus he's awesome.

3. HAL9000- crisp logical analysis on par with Jaws. a nice monotone voice. and best of all, if he feels threatened that he may be losing his job he can eliminate the entire crew.

4. Lou Holtz- for the comedy and the pep talks. plus he can talk about how awesome it was to coach the Jets.

5. Charles Barkley- sure he does basketball for TNT and didn't play football, but think of how awesome it would be to listen to Chuck's stories and listen to him freakout about losing money on the game that he's calling.

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J.D. said...

I say Joe Morgan. He couldn't be any worse at announcing football games than baseball games, even if he played baseball. I imagine you'd hear "I haven't gotten a chance to watch them this year" and "Joe Flacco's pass looks like a slidepiece" more often than not if he were in the booth.

Just no Dennis fucking Miller please.