Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Doin' Thangs

i'm in Augusta, GA for the week...visiting the parents, hanging out with my brother, seeing old friends, maybe going to the lake, and sadly getting my eyes checked and probably fitted for a pair of glasses. 30 years of not being a four eyed nerd are about to go down the drain. anyways i'm not sure how much time i'm gonna have for pointless blog posts about shit nobody cares about...but today ain't gonna be one of them.


kenniebloggins said...

welcome to the club.

Kirk Lazarus said...

while you're doing thangs, guess what Tyrik Rollison is doing?

Tyrik Rollison is ready to take tha SEC by storm.


jrsuicide said...

that's how he do.

i was sleeping on the job. thanks for picking up my slack.