Wednesday, November 10, 2010

my team spent 200k on a national title chance and all we got was this lousy probation

it feels like i'm the only Auburn blogger on the internet today

please ignore this sad bastard rant as it was made under the influence of drugs and sorrow.

after the twitter rumors hit that the NCAA was set to suspend Newton this afternoon (rumors that were later shot down) it made me long for the days of Tuberville. yeah, the dude couldn't get shit out of his offenses, but cheating was never an issue. sometimes you don't know what you got til it's gone.

remember when 2008 was considered the Season Of DEATH? well those are gonna feel like the good ole' days when the NCAA finally drops their Nuke on the Auburn football program. After the NCAA's heavy handedness (that will probably result in the firing of everyone with even the slightest connection to this team) it could be a long dark winter from which it may take a decade or so to emerge. fuck, that'll put me in my 40s by the time Auburn will be competitive again. whatever sanctions USC got, Auburn's will be twice as bad...if not 10 fold.

at this point i don't give a shit if Newton did or didn't get paid, i just don't want the Tigers to get caught. that's really all i am asking. i could give a fuck about ethics when it's my team.

when you start to believe your team's best case scenario is that you get away with everything this season and it takes 3 years or so for the NCAA to punish you, then you know you have a warped mind.

but honestly, i just really hope it isn't true...but it's really hard to believe when bullshit just keeps rolling down the hill.

Fuck College Football.

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Marcus said...

5 stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. I've gone through them all in the last 5 days, and now am solidly at "acceptance". Like you, I just hope there's not enough evidence to prove any of this, or in the very least to keep AU off probation (this season will more than likely be vacated, but whatevs, I'll enjoy it while I can).