Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I also root for the Falcons, so at least i've got that going for me.

lost in my glee (which has now turned into panic and dread) about the 2010 Auburn Tigers is the fact my Atlanta Falcons are also in first place and looking like a real Super Bowl contender. with Atlanta taking care of Tampa Bay and giving themselves a little breathing room...not to mention the fact the 3 toughest games on their schedule (Ravens, Packers, Saints) are ALL at home. at 6-2, it's hard to imagine that Atlanta finishes worse then 10-6 with a wild card spot...but with games against the Rams, Seahawks, Panthers (twice) and those home games (where the Falcons have been nearly unbeatable) 12-4/ the divsion title/ and a 1st round bye is a very real chance. hell, 12-4 might just get you best record in the NFC this year...and if Atlanta wants to make it to the Super Bowl then they NEED homefield advantage. there's no way i want to see Atlanta taking a trip to New York or Philly for the NFC title game, because that sort of thing normally ends ugly for the Dirty Birds.

at the beginning of the year i thought Atlanta would win the division...but my optimism usually turns to shit once i see the Falcons play a few times. i thought losing to the Steelers in overtime (minus Rapey Cocklessburger) was a sign of bad things to come, but the Birds have been pretty solid ever since. the sluggish game vs the 49ers and the ass kicking by the Eagles aside, this team looks just as Super Bowl ready as anyone else in the NFC. they've got an elite wide receiver, a great tandem of running backs, a good/tough offensive line, a defense that can get after the QB, and Matt Ryan, although not putting up the MVP type numbers i was hoping for) is a solid quarterback.

a little bit more about Matt Ryan. my belief that he was going to be the next guy to join the elite ranks of NFL QBs had died down a good bit, i'm more of the opinion now that he's better than MOST starters in the NFL. if i'm giving him a fair ranking then i'd put him around number 10 in the league, right now. Peyton, Brady, Brees, Big Ben, and Rivers being those 5 elite guys, Rodgers, Schaub, Flacco, Sanchez, and Eli being all closer to his level...and if i'm being totally honest, i think i'd take Ryan over any of those next level guys (besides maybe Rodgers).

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