Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So, at this point I'm just waiting for the story to come out that says Newton runs a dog fighting ring out of his apartment....

News broke last night that when Cam was at Florida he apparently was caught cheating on tests. So he basically had the same level of commitment to school as I did at 18. How does this relate to him as Auburn's QB? It doesn't. Does it make him guilty of taking any money from Auburn? No. Does it just stir up more shit and make it even less likely that he wins the Heisman? Yeah, probably.

But really it just tells me that Urban Meyer is one sour grapes/bitter motherfucker that he doesn't have the best toy in college football to play with and he's gonna do his best to throw a monkey wrench into Auburn's season. Seriously, fuck that guy. What are the chances this story ever would've come out if he'd stayed with the Gators or gone on to play for Dan Mullen? None/zero/never. When's that brain cyst gonna kill Urban, anyways?

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Zack said...

Well said JR. I have my own report on Thayer Evans